Who we are

The Dove Assembly is a school providing 3 - 7 year olds with a Montessori-inspired education, underpinned by a focus on sustainability and STEAM subjects. We are located around the world and our pupils have the ability to move across our campuses without academic disruption. This is achieved through our global learning philosophy and curriculum. All of our locations have the same term dates and follow the same curriculum, at exactly the same time.

Our locations

Built with nomadic families in mind, our locations across the globe follow the same syllabus at the same time. This means school is no longer a reason to stop seeing the world. Two further locations will be announced in late 2024.

Tulum, Mexico

An ancient Mayan port city, nestled between the Yucatan jungle and the Caribbean Sea.

Location: Aldea Zama
Opening January 2025

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Limited spaces remaining

Barcelona, Spain

On the shores of the Mediterranean, the city boasts a rich history and proud identity.

Location: Ciutat Vella
Opening April 2025

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All of our locations are selected in conjunction with our community. If there is a location you would like to see added, please get in touch.

"One must travel, to learn"

~ Mark Twain

Learning philosophy and curriculum

The elements listed below highlight our fundamental beliefs, which in turn shape our syllabus and the way we teach.

A natural environment

A key objective of The Dove Assembly is to instil a lasting positive relationship between our students and the natural environment. We believe that if this relationship is established at a young age, our students will learn to respect the environment and prioritise its protection. Whether it’s as simple as teaching subtraction using shells on a beach, or sourcing natural dyes from the jungle for our painting, we view the outdoors as the ultimate classroom.


It is essential for children to learn life skills from as early as possible. We grow as much food as we can on site, teaching our pupils how to grow fruits/vegetables in our organic garden, learn about their different nutrients, how to prepare and cook it, as well as composting any waste to give back to the garden. Equally, instead of being presented with something to play with, where possible we make it together, and then play with it, for example paint and putty.


Learning through play and allowing the child’s interests to develop through exposure to different activities are integral to our philosophy. We use play in every aspect of our learning, from sensory play and science, to real world play and maths. Play is the most engaging way for a child to learn and it is at the core of everything we do.


Understanding what interests a child stems from them being exposed to a broad range of activities. In order to spark an interest and open their eyes, we offer a wide variety of experiences - from pottery, to skateboarding. We want to ensure our pupils are shown the world, literally, and figuratively speaking. For a complete list of our activities, please get in touch.

Local language & culture

Experiencing new places and cultures is the most enriching, rewarding and informative experience a person can have. Each of our locations have local language classes, as well as local experts showcasing regional traditions.


Our philosophy is to use nature as our classroom and learn through experience, but sometimes using technology is essential to aid learning. We use screens when learning certain software concepts, such as Scratch, or when understanding some science/engineering theories.

How we work

Our academic year consists of 3 terms and starts each September. We require a minimum commitment of one term which can be spread across locations if desired. We ask for at least 4 weeks’ notice of intended relocation to ensure there is space at your chosen destination and to allow time for the handover of your child's care.

About us

We decided to travel the world when our youngest was just 8 weeks old. We set off with a loose plan and a lot of trepidation, but with each stop we made, the more with fell in love with showing our girls different pockets of the world. When our eldest turned 4, we quickly realised that the plan to return ‘home’ for school didn’t sit comfortably. Our curious little explorer would be faced with a traditional classroom, to a curriculum that is outdated and an approach to learning that is out of alignment with what we would choose. Homeschooling wasn’t right for our family, but neither was a standard school.

The Dove Assembly was born out of a desire to continue showing our children the world, whilst simultaneously allowing them to have a continuous, in-person schooling experience with a progressive, world-conscious education.

Fees & FAQs

What are the tuition fees?

Our termly fees are US$3,200. We have 3 terms in each academic year. This figure includes snacks, lunch and materials.
A five percent discount is applied if paying for the full academic year at the start of the year.
A ten percent discount is applied for siblings of existing students.

What locations are you in?

There are currently in 2 locations - Tulum, Mexico and Barcelona, Spain. We are excited to share that we are in the process of adding 2 further locations to our school. Please check our social media or check back to find out more.

What are the term dates and do they differ by location?

All locations follow the same term dates, but observe their respective local bank holidays. Our classes run from 08:45 - 15:15 Monday - Friday. For the 2024/25 academic year, our term dates are:

Term 1 9 September 2024 - 13 December 2024 (Invite only, soft launch)
Term 2 6 January 2025 - 28 March 2025
Term 3 28 April 2025 - 4 July 2025

How many pupils are in each class?

Each class consists of a maximum of 15 children. By keeping the classes small, we are able to give each child the focus they deserve.

Do you provide meals and snacks for the children?

All meals and snacks are prepared on-site by our team. We use seasonal, local, organic produce where possible. We also leverage the insights of a nutritionist to ensure each meal is balanced and able to provide the necessary fuel for our students. A sample menu is available on request.

What language are the lessons taught in?

All classes are taught in English. As part of the syllabus, there are local language lessons for each location, for example in Tulum the children are taught Spanish.

How does it work logistically with moving locations?

If you decide to move locations, there will always be a familiar face for your child. To help provide a seamless transition, pupils will have virtual meet ups with their new teacher and classmates prior to moving. And by the nature of how we work, old friends are often reunited in different locations across the world.
From an academic viewpoint, the class teachers will have a meeting prior to your child moving location to ensure their interests are known and any key points are handed over. We are very focused on ensuring a seamless transition and have dedicated members of our team on hand to help.

Is there a school uniform?

No. Students are free to wear what they feel most comfortable in.

If you have a question that has not been addressed or would like to discuss anything with us in more detail, please get in touch.